The Fence

IN my garden, there is a fence. We bought a house, and the fence was kind of part of it. It’s on the neighbors boundary, so that would make it the neighbors responsibility.

The previous owners put it up. That might make it our property, unless they gifted it to the neighbors.

The neighbors rent their property. That would make the fence the responsibility and possibly the property of the Landlord.

The landlord claims they have no obligation to have a fence up between the properties.

The fence has been kicked through at one point. At other points it is falling over. The neighbor claimed this was due to high winds. The fence not bordering the neighbors garden is solid.

See images here

I believe the fence has been systematically broken by the neighbors children. We have witnessed the 6 year old boy kicking it until you can climb through. Which he has done.

If it is our fence, that would be criminal damage.
If it is the landlords fence, it is effecting the value of our house.
If it effects the value of our house, that is breaking the contract the tenants have with the landlord.

The landlord denies any responsibility.

The fence it still broken after 3 months.

About Alan Hardcastle

Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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