Neighbours again

I haven’t written about them for a while, so we’d better catch up.

The fence is knackered all the way along. We have quotes to put up a big, solid fence – about £1,000 worth. If we can pay by installments, we might be able to do it.

The Mother had an affair. She chucked her boyfriend out, who wouldn’t go. Cue shouting.

She tried to do a runner – but the car broke down, so she came back.

She is now locking the children in the back garden (don’t know why they are not in school) while we assume she has a shag with her new man.

We have heard, through the walls and down the street, the children screaming (and I mean high pitched blood curdling screaming, not just loud irritating screaming), we have seen them stealing gravel from other neighbours, mistreating their new dog (kicking, leaving it alone for long periods to howl), a 6 year old playing with a claw hammer (and using it on what used to be a gate from our side of the fence, so…). They have dumped chairs between out shed and what is left of the fence.

Bear in mind, when we contacted the council to establish who owned the fence, they basically said it was none of our business and we didn’t want to get caught up in boundary law. Now, all boundary law states is that there is an invisble boundary wilt two dimensions (length, Height) and it actually doesn’t matter where you put the marker – however, after 12 years you can claim the boundary has moved. So, the Housing Association do not want to look after their own properties.

Did I say their own properties? What I meant was: They are a non-profit oranisation. The council transferred ownership to them after the Conservative privatisation of Housing in the UK. They are funded by the council. (So… Why privatise something if we are just going to be taxed for it anyway?). So, my Council Tax pays for that house. It also pays for the benefits that pay fot the rent. So why should I live next door to violent, irresponsible people who I then pay for?

We have written a letter to the council basically saying “Fuck you for not doing anything. Fuck you for trying to frighten us when we complain. If you don’t do anything with that fence, we will replace it from our pockets and then we will have the law behind us. If you do not respond to this letter, we will take it as a legal agreement that whatever and wherever we place a new fence will belong to us”

About Alan Hardcastle

Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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