Web Filtering Issue

It is not often that I agree with Microsoft. But this to me is the same as censoring TV programmes because ‘children may be watching’. The best option is to educate children.

What happens is that all shows get dumbed down, but stay just as violent. This would happen on the internet to. Would it be the accidental blockees that would break through (I was once blocked in a school for searching ‘Play’ and ‘Tents’ while doing a tent construction project).

No. Porn will always find a way through. As will anything that someone wants to block. There are hundreds of ways through, so stop treating the symptom and look for the cause.

Microsoft exec tells MPs pre-installed security filters would mark a return to the ‘dark ages’ | Media | guardian.co.uk

Setting [filtering controls] at a high level is the equivalent to blocking the internet … it would be living in the dark ages in my view.”

Lambert was responding to a suggestion made by another witness before the culture select committee today, who had said filtering software should be pre-installed at a high security setting.


About Alan Hardcastle

Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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