Diploma: How blair is still messing it up.

All politicians talk of action, yet none will actually take it. Has politics become such a popularity test that we just follow what the mob want?

The Tomlinson report was very specific: GCSE’s and A Levels do not give our children what they need. The Diplomas are designed to do that. Why are we still implementing all the stuff that doesn’t work? That means teachers will be even more overworked than before and lead to the whole thing failing – again.

Bid for respect could kill off diplomas | Mortarboard | Guardian Unlimited

There is another obstacle to the successful introduction of the diplomas: their complexity. The headteachers’ conference highlighted the dilemma for diploma supporters. They want them to work, but their support is being tested by fears about the practical problems of implementation. Some of this might be down to the desire of headteachers’ associations to make their case for better funding. Yet there are also genuine concerns about issues such as timetabling, the availability of work placements, and the movement of diploma students between schools and colleges. The last is not just about transport in rural areas but also school uniform rules, tracking pupils’ whereabouts, inter-school rivalries, and the accountability measures that promote competition not collaboration.

I have seen this first hand. WE, the teachers are putting this stuff in place – T shirts, not uniforms, moving teachers by having portable equipment rather than moving students. Who stops it? The managers, who will give us the blame when it doesn’t work and take the credit when it does.


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