Script Editing

Pete Snelling came in and had a look at the two scripts. He spent the morning looking at Sam’s. He really liked the story, saying it was solid. It just needed to be dirtied up, made a bit more life like: The writing equivalent of the uncanny valley.

They workshopped a new version, and it sounds like the rewrite has been done in writing and just needs to be typed. Arron will help out, as the script dude he is.

Keith’s was up next, and needs a bit more work. Sounds like the story is still not there. y impression was it was a story shoehorned into a script, and this is exactly what Pete picked up on: unlike me, he knows how to fix these things. The story is now a story, not an arc. It will focus on the father/daughter relationship and starts to sound a bit more like ‘The Survivors’ updated (just in time to beat the remake of the series due next year!) rather than ’12 monkeys’ crossed with ‘Stargate:SG1’.

I have to now rejig the schedule: My deadline is the 12th June, and Tor is 16th June so no great problems there.

I feel that this is where I cannot push the students: I have 27 script I am trying to mark: It is a godsend to have a professional come in and spend 3 hours with 1 student. I can’t even spend 3 minutes with one student!

My job is to make sure that he student experience is good. I am meant to support the weaker students and push the stronger ones. Which is impossible, since mostly the weaker students shout louder and disrupt the learning of the stronger students. So, I get the stronger students out of the way with someone who will really push them – and the feedback I get tells me the process I need to do.

If i have time, I would love to sit and analyse each scene one at a time… Why? is the only question we ever need.


About Alan Hardcastle

Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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