Presentation session

We were in Plymouth at a session led by Natasha Buckley. Well, I was an hour late because I had a blow out, but by the time I arrived Rich (who is replacing Keith due to other commitments) had already fitted himself in wonderfully. In fact, he was introduced to me by a few other members of the group…

The session was using a few acting exercises to examine confidence and creativity – the old chestnuts of teamwork (build the highest tower of paper) as well as some interesting exercises – linking arms to prevent others from joining, unless they ask nicely.

It was more of a self exploration session and I must say I found out a few things about myself. I am nervous at the thought of doing things, but not at the doing. This extends right into needing a narrative to give me the motivationThe exercise was an ‘act – react – act’ type thing, where your partner will give a gesture or an action, and you have to react to it, adding your own action, which they need to react to, and then act on.

Getting up on stage was always easy – I had something to hide behind and a set time. Getting up in front of the class is easy, as long as I have a subject. This even occurs when I need to phone someone – I need a reason. I can’t just call to chat.

In the exercise, I just couldn’t make those next steps – or recognise I was making them. I needed a story, and for the actions to be part of the steps to the end of that story.

I was fine when there was a set routine, I was fine at spouting Bull to sell a paper tower taped onto a fire escape sign, but react and create a new action? Mental Block. It’s part of my inability to play – I need to intellectualise far too much. Oh god, AMC was right when she said I think too much. Especially when I am outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I am really tempted to get Natasha in before the 1st years pitch next year. That would be great…


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Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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