New list of commandments issued

This survey was conducted through They made an attempt to include people whose voices are rarely heard: However, I do feel they probably avoided the Apathetic minority – a set of voices rarely heard in this country.

The list reads as follows:

  • The decline of community
  • Individualism and selfishness
  • Consumerism and greed
  • A decline of values
  • The decline of the family
  • Young people both as victims and perpetrators
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Immigration and responses to it
  • crime and violence

I note it doesn’t include keeping your mouth shut and not sticking your nose in. Hmmm.

BBC NEWS | UK | Report lists new ‘social evils’

The report said the government was seen as being “out of touch with the
real issues people face” and “ineffective at tackling social problems”.

The media faced criticism for propagating negative and damaging
attitudes, while religion was identified as a “cause of conflict and
confusion” and big business was blamed for “fuelling inequality and

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Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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