Media literacy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Media literacy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Thinking abut the first unit on my MA, and I would liek to go down this avenue of Regulation and Copyright. Richard suggested a Media Literacy route which seems like a nice idea – maybe looking at the perception of the main issues as well as the issues…

Critical analysis can include detecting propaganda, censorship, and bias in news and public affairs programming (and the reasons for these), and to understand how structural features—such as media ownership, or its funding model — affect the information presented.

Helping people to question what they see. The political debate on TV has made students more aware and opinionated – the opposite of what I believe most media elites actually want. if adverts are questioned, they don’t sell – if you are aware, it is not subliminal. (Student Quote – “The subliminal messages in this video are pretty obvious”)

By transforming the process of media consumption into an active and critical process, people gain greater awareness of the potential for misrepresentation and manipulation (especially through commercials and public relations techniques), and understand the role of mass media and participatory media in constructing views of reality.[3]

I asked a 16 year old what media offended him. He could only think of an example where someone had actually dies on screen. This arose because I had chatted to a friend of his about an old L2 film which has vanished from youtube. No one knows why, but I had found it offensive for its use of gay stereotypes – but they do not see it.

I am thinking of researching the current legislations (Ofcom, BBC editorial guidelines etc) and develop some material on taste & Decency, while doing some research into what different age groups actually think – especially while I have access to Pre 16, post 16 and Post 19. Since these are the groups I am teaching directly I am planning to stick with them.

Are young people desensitized to offence?
Is the access to unregulated material (Internet distributed etc) desensitizing them?
Are young people more aware of the world, or just media or content?
What material can I use to demonstrate this? Brass Eye special? Pussy by Rammstein? Love thy neighbour? Kick Ass?
Are young people liberal and broad-minded to material?
Are they staying within certain boundaries?

I have been amazed at the past how gullible we can be to marketing – the student who argued that 50cent was underground, even though he bought the CD and HMV. Do they have set boundaries that nothing impinges into, and they are safe within these boundaries regardless of how offensive someone else may find the material contained within?

Danger: I am not defining offence, and I am not to judge teh material I find. Not even “The Human Centipede”…

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