YouTube may face court over copyright complaints | Regulation | ZDNet UK

For people who follow the growing business of video-sharing Web sites, the only real surprise about the suit is that it took so long for someone to drag YouTube or one of its ilk into court. More than 150 companies that host user-generated video on their sites have cropped up in the past year, and many of them don't pre-screen the material their users put up though most, including YouTube, include a prohibition against copyright infringement in their user agreement. Too often, critics charge, the rights to those videos are owned by someone other than the poster.

via YouTube may face court over copyright complaints | Regulation | ZDNet UK.

Considering how thorough youtube appear to be over taking down the “Downfall” meme, it seems a bit odd that other copyright holders need to go through a hugely convoluted process to enforce their legal rights.

However, the attitude is interesting. The idea of multiple posters per video implies that users are downloading the video and possibly uploading it themselves – and easy thing to confirm, just search for any music video or event and you will get multiple hits of the exact same material. This is mirrored in the Torrent Uploading world, where multiple up loaders will submit the same film or TV show – the exact same material.

Each time it is presented, the language is as though it is their own work – which in a small way it is (recording, ripping, repackaging and uploading – potentially a semi skilled set of automated tasks) but nothing compared to the production process they are ignoring.

This is the attitude I need to examine – the divorce between “owner”, “producer” and “distributor”. Individuals seemingly are stealing the Distribution model, and because they are able to do this, they claim ownership over the rest of the process.

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