…And we are back.

I really haven’t felt like commenting for a long time. For a variety of reasons I have been far too busy; mainly staring open eyed and unblinking in my disbelief at the Leveson enquiry.

So, I have picked up my jaw, put on my “I told you so” T-shirt am now joining in the fray to try to figure out what the hell has gone on here. Firstly, remember Vince Cable? He got sacked for saying he didn’t like the Murdoch empire. That made him not impartial. Fair enough. So why is Hunt still in post? He was in constant contact with BskyB and has admitted that some of the information was illegal. He also blocked competitors, meaning that the BskyB bid was pretty much a monopoly bid.

The Con-Dem’s are pretty much neck deep in this now.

It would appear that all of these major players really don’t know what is happening. Rupert Murdoch really didn’t seem to get that he is implicated in Blackmail, as well as invasion of privacy and stealing information. He really doesn’t seem to get that his company broke the law. Cameron has suspended the ministerial code for Jeremy Hunt:In effect, he is saying that the ministers are above the law too. Never mind Media Ethics, this is just unethical on every level.

From an educational point of view, this is the party that hates Media Education: Chris Patten once described media studies as “Disneyland for the weaker minded”. The whole investigation into Media Ethics is showing it is the business mind, not the creative mind, that is at fault. Cameron, Hunt, Murdoch et al are all, at heart, business people – they sell stuff for money. The whole concept of a “rogue journalist” has gone. Management gave the order, and made sure it was carried out. Strikes me that if they studied the subject themselves, they might not now be being roasted in such a public way across all the media they claim to control.

About Alan Hardcastle

Media Lecturer with an interest in Pedagogy and Politics.

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