24 Monkeys

Take an infinite number of Monkeys with an infinite number of Typewriters and give them an infinite amount of time, and they will write Shakespeare.
Take 24 Media Monkeys and give them limited resources, you may get a generic Blockbuster.

What does it mean to Author a story? If Barthes is right, it means nothing as only the reader is important. Only the final meaning of any story is relevant.

But if we all have our individual interpretations of it, where do these come from? I decided to have a look at how meaning is formed in the mind, and asked my 2nd year National Diploma Media Students to engage with some, quite frankly scary, theory. Can they grasp the concept of “The Death of The Author”? Can they use this to create their own stories, and can we inject an element of chance and find new stories by mixing the stories we have already written?

Each Student worked on a simple 9 line Story. Each line was then delivered by the author, and then cut up and allowed to “Clash and Blend” with the other lines. Can the audience find new stories from this experience? See for yourself, and explore the different versions of the artefact below.

The idea is that there are new stories contained within the installation, that only you will hear. These versions have been prepared to be experiences online, and as such you can use them in two different ways:
1. Play all the videos, sit back and allow a new story tom form in your mind, based on the random clash of ideas. This is close to the original Aleatoric installation concept.
2. Play and stop selected videos, under your own volition, and seek out new stories. This is a more Mediated approach.


Kitchen Sink – All stories.
Soap Generator – one story per screen
Web Version – one story per screen, edited for the web.
Narrative Breaker – Stories rearranged across 9 screens
Narrative Breaker v2– Stories rearranged across 9 screens, edited for Video Installation
Lynchian Jackanory– Stories randomly rearranged across 9 screens, edited for Video Installation
Lynchian Jackanory Web Version– Stories randomly rearranged across 9 screens, edited for Web Display

For a full exploration of this project, please follow the links below.

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