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May Day 2016

May Day

The popular perception of May Day is the traditional wash out signifying the continuing wait for the British summer to feature some sun. Given the personal evidence, I was forced to accept this narrative.

Seems that there was very little coverage of the traditional Union May Day protest. Could this be because there was not rioting but a large and peaceful show of solidarity at a time when the layout leader is being vilified?
We even had more coverage of the spiritual / new age Beltane traditions.
But very little of the British Union march in London. They feature “Form around the world” coverage but oddly none from their home country.
We appear, more and more, to have a skewed media portrayal of English “Culture” through a very staid lens. What does this say about the Mass Media in general, and the demands of the audience? What can we deduce about the Grand Narrative from these (admittedly very selective) examples?