Teaching Copyright Podcast

I had the good fortune to chat with some very experienced and knowledgeable professionals form the Creative Industries about copyright and how it affects them. Each had a different story to tell, and in this podcast I have condensed these to pass onto teachers.
This is designed to be used to inform you of the state of play of copyright, while allowing you to have access to case studies to help explain them to students.
Andrew Buchanan, a producer who specialises in Wildlife documentaries talking about his experience with the limitations of access and how it effects the creative process.
Phil Shepherd – who works extensively in Community Media Projects, talking about low budget film making and issue with music clearance
Bernard Pearson, who is a 3d artist dealing with sculptures in ceramics on the issues with business and, through his connections with Terry Pratchett, about the issues with dealing with large companies who just want control over the copyright.
David Handley, an animator who has worked with Aardman and Disney projects who expresses teh understanding of copyright from and artists and consumers point of view.

My thanks to all involved – I really learned a lot, and I really hope to pass it on as effectively as possible.

Alan Hardcastle Teaching Copyright by Al2erego

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