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Diploma: How blair is still messing it up.

All politicians talk of action, yet none will actually take it. Has politics become such a popularity test that we just follow what the mob want?

The Tomlinson report was very specific: GCSE’s and A Levels do not give our children what they need. The Diplomas are designed to do that. Why are we still implementing all the stuff that doesn’t work? That means teachers will be even more overworked than before and lead to the whole thing failing – again.

Bid for respect could kill off diplomas | Mortarboard | Guardian Unlimited

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How tony attempted to screw education

Why are children being let down in the UK?
…under-investment and a “dog-eat-dog” society were to blame…
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Lets step back a second: Apparently it is grim up North. And in the Midlands, and in the South West, some parts of the South East, parts of London…
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You will note that wages have not kept up with Interest rates, fuel prices, house prices… or anything, really.

Lets take a look at the UN report from a human angle.
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Hmmm… we are a nation of Bullied, lonely people. No wonder we join gangs.

But don’t worry! Tony will save us!
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He’s noticed, quite rightly, that there aren’t enough 15 year olds carrying guns. You’ll note that the headline has a double meaning:
“Blair wants gun crime age reduced”
What it means: “Blair wants the age at which people can be sentenced for carrying guns reduced”
What it says: “Blair wants younger people involved in gun crime”.
Let’s see if one leads to the other –

Or an alternative view, we could teach people to be less stupid:
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You’ll note that this gets added to the curriculum. This means that emotionally underdeveloped people get to teach and mark emotional maturity. Will it be project based? That’ll look good in the GCSE’s.
Maths: D,
English: F,
Ability to not hit someone who disrespected me: B

Let’s face it: A lot of parents are emotionally immature / illiterate. So are a lot of Teachers. So are a lot of politicians, it would appear. Children typically learn emotional literacy via adults. Extended family, actual family, you know – those people too busy working, or who live 100 miles away because they can’t afford to live near their family, so they move somewhere near a good school, even though there is no-one they know living nearby.

In the report from the Guardian above, the big difference seems to be that Dutch children feel they are treated like adults. Most British kids want to be. Yet, British kids seem to be left to their own devices and shouted at for doing or not doing certain things – which is how British adults are treated.

Look, all of this is symptomatic of the general state of British society. It happened in Britain! By denying that gun crime, violent crime, anger or just plain stupidity is part of our society, we add to the problem. By demanding that parents work long hours, they will not be there for there children. If one parent takes time out to look after the children, the household finances become a problem, and the family splits up due to the financial pressures.

So – is the report right or not?