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Snapshot of Indian TV

India’s ‘vulgar’ reality TV shows judged too real for viewers | World news | The Guardian

When someone is called impotent on Indian TV, It leads to a death – if it happens in England in ends in serialisation of their Autobiography in The Sun. However, Indian culture is such that there is an expectation of morals in the media. Within the last decade, we have seen fire-boming of the film “Fire” because of the main story about two women in love. Other films have been censored by the Bollywood system – why deal with a serious issue in a serious way when you can throw in a song and dance routine? Read the rest of this entry


Video Nasties

The Evil Dead, The Living Dead and the dead wrong | Film | The Guardian

This was the event that got me interested in censorship. It is interesting to finally view those films deemed nasty – which also includes films dubbed nasty by the Media and action groups, such as The Exorcist and Clockwork Orange. There are some great films in the list, but these are for more interesting for the Low budget approach to film making that experiments with the process and influences mainstream cinema. The Flying bike footage in the forests of Endor from The Return of the Jedi? Same technique as used by Sam Raimi in The Evil Dead to show the spirits rushing through the forest – but Sam did it for $5!