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Presentation session

We were in Plymouth at a session led by Natasha Buckley. Well, I was an hour late because I had a blow out, but by the time I arrived Rich (who is replacing Keith due to other commitments) had already fitted himself in wonderfully. In fact, he was introduced to me by a few other members of the group…

The session was using a few acting exercises to examine confidence and creativity – the old chestnuts of teamwork (build the highest tower of paper) as well as some interesting exercises – linking arms to prevent others from joining, unless they ask nicely.

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Britiain to be 'Creative Hub'

We need to give our creative industries a powerful global presence and the opportunity to compare themselves with the very best in the world,” the government said. “We hope [it] will become the equivalent of Davos [World Economic Forum] for the creative industries.”

I do have an issue here – Britain cannot be the creative hub without investment, so the same government who have removed the Tax incentives and screwed over HE by removing funding want us all to be creative.

Then Invest. The new diplomas look like a good start, but I am waiting for those to be mucked about with too.

I also worry about the London centric attitude of the piece – although the BBC will soon be abandoning London, and Aardman are here in the South West, I just know the money will stay in the South East.

Although, I may be wrong. Here at Bridgwater, as a recognized excellent college, we should be at the centre.

So, where’s the funding?

Mark Sweney,, Friday February 22 2008

MA in Creative Education

I’ve done it. I’ve got a place on an MA.

Its run from Bournemouth, one of THE places to study Media in the UK. It is specifically aimed at people delivering the new Diplomas and focuses on the dual specialism of Techer and practitioner.

It all sounds great. It is a long distcance course, I will only need to head over 4 times a year, most of the uits will combine with things I am doing anyway. I also qualify for skillset funding.

The bad news. It costs £5,000. Skillset are fuding me to the tune of £500. If I pay it back over the length of the course, it’s £250 a week.

So what do I get from it? I will get training in more technical issues of Media Production. Workshops in Final Cut etc. I will be looking specifically at teaching these to 14-19 students. It will be incredibly useful to my own career, whether it be delivering the diploma, putting the HE provsion together or moving on to HE delivery elswhere.

So, all donations to:….

Motion sketches episodes 1 & 2

An online advice series exploring cinema production.

Video Motion Sketches Episode 1 – So this is cinema? – Filmmaking, Scriptwriting, Screenplay, Screenwriting, Software – Dailymotion Share Your Videos

Video Motion Sketches Ep 2 – There’s No Such Thing As Good Writing – filmmaking, screenplay, scriptwriting, pre-production, open – Dailymotion Share Your Videos

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How to make a film.

Nothing to do with me. Shame.

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Could you point me towards the artists Ghetto, Please?

For the past month I’ve had to order a few books – some for fun, but mainly for study – a few text books, some for media, some for teaching – but all useful.

Every time one comes, the postman complains that he has to carry another package. Now, Hang on – isn’t that his job?

I live in a Working Class area. It’s ex council houses with a few under housing authority control. The ony thing I can think of is that in this area, ordering books stands out. “we got ourselves a reader”, as Bill Hicks would say.

So now I am worried I will be chased out by locals with burning copies of the sun, towards a local ghetto where books are shipped in once a month in a cart and we have to travel miles in our bear feet just to pick up a copy of something with a reading age above 12.

Or have we moved towards a Farenheit 451 esque world where people are happy to watch morons on Big Brother rather than explore their own minds?

Pass the book, I’m off to hide in a forest.

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