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Open Letter on Facilities

The following is a response to a Senior Manager asking about air conditioning in a specific room, and the use of Laptops to support students. It is always interesting how Management often doesn’t even talk to students or teachers about what they want – just impose specific principles regardless of the value to learning, often following the agendas of their own specific remit. If only meetings were about discussion..

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BBC News – British film fund worth £15m is unveiled

BBC News – British film fund worth £15m is unveiled.

Funding for Films cut due to Olympics

Screen Daily – News

The UK Film Council is facing a $33m (£22m) cut in lottery funding over the next five years as money is diverted away from film to pay for the London Olympics. The cuts will mean an expected 15% reduction in the amount of lottery money available to British film – a drop of around $6.5m (£4.4m) a year.

And note the running costs of UKFC, FYI

New deal between ITV and BBC

TV on demand becomes a reality – TV & Radio, Media – The Independent

The BBC is to join forces with ITV to produce a set-top box that will allow television viewers to watch programmes on demand.

Until now, the BBC’s successful iPlayer has only allowed consumers to watch programmes on their computers. But under the new scheme there is the potential for films, shows and interactive content from a range of other providers to be made available in standard and high definition – on television.

There are also implications about the future funding of Channel 4 tied up in this. Will they lose their PSB remit?

Presentation session

We were in Plymouth at a session led by Natasha Buckley. Well, I was an hour late because I had a blow out, but by the time I arrived Rich (who is replacing Keith due to other commitments) had already fitted himself in wonderfully. In fact, he was introduced to me by a few other members of the group…

The session was using a few acting exercises to examine confidence and creativity – the old chestnuts of teamwork (build the highest tower of paper) as well as some interesting exercises – linking arms to prevent others from joining, unless they ask nicely.

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Bursary for E4 Radio – 4 Careers


22 March 2008. To apply go to and enter reference ‘4T E4’.


The press release was editied a little (note the comment about access to equipment – that was a dig at our lack of semi pro equipment) but other than that, it’s in.

Exciting Opportunity For Media Trio (from This is The West Country)

You’ll also notice it doen’t confuse readers by specifying that it’s two groups – Jeremy got the funding for himself, but that’s just a small thing.

Funding for Scripts

It might be worth checking out just what you need to do. You all know how to write a script, so why not go the whole hog – £25,000 is pretty good for a first script, and will really enable you to study the art!

UK Film Council – Development Fund

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Film Roundup

Resurgence of British productions brings fans back to the cinema | News | Guardian Unlimited Film
In brief: Studio’s dilemma over ‘blood-spattered’ Sweeney Todd | News | Guardian Unlimited Film

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