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News International see themselves as above the law

We have the editors and controllers of media groups who will ignore requests to attend hearings. Said executives have been accused of flouting laws by illegally gaining information by accessing phone messages without consent. At what point did they become more important that the Law? Read the rest of this entry

Accuracy in News

Organ Grinder: Newsnight in fakery row over Obama report | Media |

Or is this just going too far? Does it matter that the sentences are in a different order, as long as the meaning has not been altered?

The context is the same, the sentiment is the same – even the emphasis seems to have not changed. So, what is the problem? Are we just over sensitive?

The news is perceived as being fact. It is not, it is a factual narrative that tells us the story in a simplified way. How simple depends on the target audience.

Whenever we tell a story, we alter the actual events. Any set of witness statements to an event will all be different – often, the police will get suspicious if some of the statements are too similar.

The important thing is that there are specifics that are accurate – the objective figures, etc. Names, times, places, numbers etc. Everything else is subjective – opinion, order of unconnected events, etc.

We select the events or facts that help to tell the story. News, The One Show, Homes under the hammer – they never tell the whole story, they do not have the time or the space -and neither do the audience.

So, by editing two paragraphs into one, and rearranging it so that it makes sense – this is what the news does every day.

The truth of 'The Wire'

The escalating breakdown of urban society across the US | Media | The Guardian

Superb article on the reality of Media Truth. It is only one example, but it gives you a taste of how ‘True’ news may be, and how ‘fictional’ scripted shows can be…

Channel 4 news

Channel 4 News: Newscasters with attitude – Media, News – The Independent

Iraqi Interpreters – and is it happening?

Just in case you thought the Iraqi Interpreter situation had solved everything, check out the Blogs coming out of Iraq. I particularly liked the atheist point of view.

Just look. You will find plenty of news about Iraq.
The one thing you won’t find is detailed explanations of the plans to bring interpreters and their families out of Iraq, sanctioned by anyone in the government. You won’t find a transparent eligibility policy. You won’t find out who is organising it.
So – Is it happening? Or is it just too late?

The Onion

Check out the ‘American version of the Day Today’ – a spoof news network.
Domestic Abuse No Longer A Problem, Say Bruised Female Researchers

Good news for Bill Bailey

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | De Burgh ‘will play gig in Iran’

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News or no News…

This morning the BBC interviewed a serving officer who was just back from Iraq. He beacme visibly upset when asked about how he was treated upon his return. “Everyone is more interested in X-Factor.”

Are we, the public, just not interested in Iraq? Is it because nothing new is happening?

Well, actually, it is. Every day there is a newsworthy incident. Someone is injured. The government tries to increase control. There are personal stories to be told from Iraq. A lot more is happening than ever did with Diana or Madeleine.

But if these were told, they would make the war look bad. Very few people support the war, it would seem, which is why we ignore it. It is in our governments interest to ignore it – at least until we all feel happier about the next war. Meet you in Iran.

Also, it is a lot safer to cover the X-Factor, press reports, court hearings. You are very unlikely to be shot at or blown up.

Peter Wilby: Damn journalists and statistics | Media | The Guardian

“I wonder if that is true. Is there really any news at present? To read
papers such as the Mirror, the Sun and the Express, you would not think
so. These papers are dominated by three stories: the disappearance of
Madeleine McCann, the Mills-McCartney divorce and the death of Princess
Diana. The age of these stories ranges from six months to more than 10
years and, by normal standards, there is no news to report. Nobody has
a clue what happened to Madeleine; Diana died because of a drunken
driver; Mills blames McCartney for their marriage breakup. We’ve known
all that from the start.”

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