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Times have changed

Interesting interview in which David Kuo claims that we don’t need libraries. In fact, the only use people have is to use the Internet to but books for a penny. So why not spend the money you currently spend on one library to supply 50,000 people with free internet access.

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Black Power protest, Mexico 1968

BBC NEWS | Magazine | The other man on the podium

An interesting story about the Australian Silver Medalist caught up in the protest. The documentary is well worth checking out.

Kingsnorth powerstation shut down.

Bet you didn’t see this on the BBC… Climate protesters succeeded in closing down Kingsnorth Powerstation in Kent. The action will be followed by similar protests around europe.

Independent Media Center | | ((( i )))

It was covered on News 24 as a really minor piece. Now, look at the difference between that and how the BBC web site covered it…

BBC NEWS | England | Kent | Kingsnorth ‘is part of our lives’