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Catholic Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments as in the Catholic Bible.

1. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
2. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
3. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
4. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
5. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
6. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
7. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
8. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
9. Thou shalt feel Guilty.
10. Stop that, you will go blind.


English Protestant Ten Commandments.

The following is the English interpretation of the Ten Commandments.

1. “You shall have no other gods before Me…”
Except for the King. Or the Queen. Or anyone else in authority. Or anyone more important than you.

2. “Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above…”
Unless it’s on a tea towel, postcard or from the National Trust Shop.

3. “Do not swear falsely by the name of the LORD…”
Exceptfor Sporting events, Politics or that stupid comedian on TV who you don’t like.

4. “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy”
In B & Q, after a lie in.

5. “Honor your father and your mother…”
Until they hit 80, and then throw them in a Home.

6. “Do not murder”
Only applies to the Engish. Anyone else is fair game.

7. “Do not commit adultery.”
Not even with your own wife.

8. “Do not steal.”
Does not include Tax, borrowing books from friends and not giving them back or shop assistants who have given the wrong change because those shops are loaded anyway.

9. “Do not bear false witness against your neighbor”
Unless you really don’t like them and anyway, they keep parking on your spot outside the house.

10. “Do not covet your neighbor’s wife”
while anyone is watching.

New Air Canada Advert

Air Canada – gets you closer to god….

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Pilot ‘breakdown’ diverts flight

Pilot ‘breakdown’ diverts flight
Air Canada flight arriving in Sydney December 2007.
Air Canada says a crew member was taken ill.
An Air Canada flight made an emergency landing in Ireland after a pilot apparently suffered a mental breakdown.

A passenger said the pilot was carried from the plane shouting and swearing, saying he wanted to talk “to God”.

The flight from Toronto to Heathrow landed at Shannon airport after its crew declared a medical emergency. Passengers flew on to London later.

Air Canada has confirmed that a crew member was unwell, but did not confirm he was suffering mental problems.

“He basically said he wanted to talk to God” Sean Finucane,Passenger.

“At no time were the safety of the passengers or crew in question,” said an Air Canada spokesman. “The flight was met by medical personnel and the individual is now in care.”

Eight-hour delay
One of the passengers, Sean Finucane, said he saw the co-pilot being carried into the cabin in restraints.

“He was very, very distraught. He was yelling loudly at times,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “He was swearing and asking for God and very distressed. He basically said he wanted to talk to God.”

Passengers were put up in hotels while another crew was found. They eventually arrived in London eight hours late.

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Annivesary of Rumi's Birth

Article here

If you have an interest in Music and Religion, you should be aware of Sufism, which is the mystical side of Islam (a bit like Catholisism is the mystical side of Christianity – but wth more dancing). Check out Nusfret Ali Khan for probably the best example of Qwaali, a form of sufist music.

Rumi, the 12th Century poet, was influenced by this celebration of love between man and god, and used his poetry to explore this. Especially at a time when Islam is seen as a depressing vindictive religion. Islam is responsible for many forms of Arts, Mathematical theories and the idea of Universities. Imagine how different the world could be – it is also illegal under islamic law to charge interest on a loan (well, also under christian law but hey). Student loans would be better.

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