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Script Editing

Pete Snelling came in and had a look at the two scripts. He spent the morning looking at Sam’s. He really liked the story, saying it was solid. It just needed to be dirtied up, made a bit more life like: The writing equivalent of the uncanny valley.

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Lost Scriptwriting

Emergency “Lost” Script-Writing Session Video –

I actually thought it was a real writing session.

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Terry Gilliam talks about scriptwriting : create your own TV channel – Terry Giliam speaker at Ischia scriptwriting panel

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Writing Tips

BBC – New Talent Writing

It’s mainly pitched at Radio Drama, but there are some good hints about what you need to do to be a writer.

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Screenwriting tips

How to start a screenplay

There are some good tips in this website. Also see the rules of Three and an article about Act two of your screenplay.

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