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Steiner good, apparently

BBC NEWS | Education | Steiner schools ‘could help all’

Appealing to the whole child in an holistic way is good for educations. Now, correctv me if I’m wrong but it can’t be that hard to combine this system with one that values ticking boxes and children reaching a specific target at a specific age.

Now, Steiner schools value the axim that learning will take place when the learner is ready – some children don’t start reading untill past the age of 7. You cannot turn that into a tick box activity.

The governent has tried to expand the way that education thins of the student. Adding ‘Value added’ criteria to inspections is one way. But this is still a tick box exercise.

The problem still goes back to measuring quality (Please, read ‘Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ for god’s sake!). Any measurement has to be objective, yet quality is subjective… etc.

Education is currently about a student reaching a specific quantity of information, either via exam or project. Vocational qualifications go some way towards that, depending on the teacher.

The problem is that society demands results from education. Society demands that students tick boxes and prove their level of education by previously set goals.

Now, some teachers do approach this because they are doing their jobs, not following dictates: eg Literacy Hour doesn’t have to be between 2pm and 3pm “you will read NOW!”. It can be an hour throughout the day…

BBC NEWS | Education | Bringing creativity to the classroom

It can be done – It seems to me that an educational establishment has two routes – Play the game as it sees it and struggle to the grade 1 position by following the letter of the law, or follow the spirit of the law – e.g. educate the students.

(I have been told before to make sure the students are motivated within an authoritarian approach. I have also been told that there must be ‘no negativity’. )

A big issue with Steiner schools is that is doesn’t offer these simple goals. Also, it doesn’t fit in with current social thinking. Steiner students can have a problem fitting in with the wider society once they have left schools.

If education is to look toward Steiner for solutions to the mess it has got itself into, it first needs to look towards the society that has demanded this situation.

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