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Schools classing students as SEN for no reason?

So special needs is a con, is it? It’s not a very clever one | Zoe Williams | Comment is free | The Guardian

But there it is: an Ofsted report this week finds 457,925 of the 1.65 million children who have been diagnosed with special educational needs (SEN) actually don’t have them. Christine Gilbert, the chief inspector of schools, said head-teachers are “identifying children as having special educational needs when they need essentially better teaching”.

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Students don't think…

Schools don’t teach students to think independently, say admissions tutors | Education |

Its poll of 61 university tutors found that 50 of them believe schools are failing to prepare pupils for higher education because their teachers are distracted by constant government missives.

Undergraduates now arrive barely able to think independently – the quality the tutors rate most important.

Having witnessed this myself, oh yes. Pre 16 students tend not to be trusted to think or do anything, hence have no ownership of their own work. It takes us a year to break them of it at FE. Personally, I am sick of students so risk averse they will not do anything for fear of failing – and then fail for not doing anything! For god’s sake – let them fail! Let them make mistakes! Let them Learn!

Why is there a shortage of Maths Teachers?

Calling all Maths Teachers in Surrey!!! jobs, South London, £125 – £135 per annum | Guardian Jobs

Calling all Maths Teachers in Surrey!!!

Protocol education is one of the UK’s largest specialist education agencies. We can provide you with access to a wide variety of schools and teaching positions in London and throughout the UK. We also offer our teachers competitive rated of pay and a variety of free Continuing Professional Development courses. protocol Education also offers fantastic social events, which are a great way to meet the protocol consultants and fellow teachers.

* Posted: 07 Jul 2009
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We could try it here….

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Egypt school beating ‘kills boy’

An Egyptian teacher at a primary school in Alexandria is alleged to have beaten an 11-year-old pupil to death.

The maths teacher, Haitham Nabeel Abdelhamid, who worked at Saad Othman school, was furious because Islam Amro had not finished his homework.

BBC NEWS | Education | Teenagers’ learning ‘dumbed down’

Today’s 14-year-old pupils are better at quick-fire answers, but much worse at complex questions than teenagers in the 1970s, research suggests.

If we could use taht kind of discipline, do you think the students might get on with their work a bit more?

I can't so I won't

A real issue I am seeing at the moment is the amount of students unwilling to take a risk, even if that risk isn’t particularly big.

Often it is the old argument: I don’t want to get it wrong, so I won’t do it. This is the major failing of BTEC, a system designed to reward mistakes – if you can tell me why you got it wrong, you get high marks. However, most students have been brought up in an educational system of absolutes, of getting it right within the bounds of the box we have shown you.

Students often want perfection: so they don’t submit work they don’t think is good enough because they might fail. So they submit nothing, and fail. This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

As children, we see anything we create as part of ourselves. How we see ourselves is linked with how people perceive our work – we are told we are good because our artwork is good etc. Therefore, if we think we have bad work we see ourselves as naughty.

Some people do not grow out of this: and I believe the current pressure on performance in schools does not help either. I have students who will raise really interesting questions and try to discuss, and later will tell me they were punished in school for behaving in that very way I have just encouraged.

We need to teach people how to think – in every subject.

The story so far…

So both scripts are kind of finished. Both films are really into production: Sam’s script needs one minor tweak near the end, and Rich needs a little more threat.

The fact I can focus on just two scripts without feeling guilty is interesting. Other scripts are being made, other films are starting to come together.

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Teachers Strike: Opinions are a little divided.

No Comment from me, just read the comments at the bottom of the article. This is the problem we face. A lot of people do not understand the situation: and most of them are journalists.

The teachers’ strike – whose side are you on? | Mortarboard | Guardian Unlimited