The Inclusive Classroom

Currently we have a great opportunity to examine how best to support students with HFA. We have students on the spectrum at L1, L2, L3 and L4 of our creative courses. Having had an opportunity to work with some at L3 and L4, I began to notice a variety of similarities between the kind of  problems they would encounter in the classroom and that of other “neuro-typical” students.

There are a number of explanations for this – either we have a lot of undiagnosed HFA students, the same neurological conditions that exist within the HFA brain also exist with in other students, or the same problems that are atypical for HFA happen to also exist within everyone else to a lesser degree.

In some ways, it doesn’t matter which explanation holds true – the solution holds true. If we can support HFA students, we can support anyone – mainly because an HFA student is a collection of a wide collection of problems we see in all other students!

I would like to explore this further. The main approach is to roll out an AQ test that identifies atypical issues. This can also help us tailor support in a slightly different way to Learning Styles & VAK. A secondary issue would be to test some of the techniques used to support HFA on the general class. To facilitate this, I am looking for volunteers to help me in a wider action research project.

Please fell free to challenge me on the content; this is very much a personal reflection of my own practice so far. However, I firmly believe that if we all reflect on our own practice using this stance, we will be able to make another step towards an inclusive classroom.

The Mind Map @ the Brain

The Presentation

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